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Playing Condition Work


Includes: identification of leaks, pad replacement and seating, replacement of corks/felts/teflon, key regulation, swedging, lubrication, action work and cleaning.  

We put your instrument back into good playing condition.  Maintenance contracts are available to reduce your long-term repair costs.

Standard Overhaul


Includes:  disassembly and cleaning, cup and tone hole leveling, pad replacment (custom pro handmade extra firm felt pads w/resonators of your choice), the latest in synthetic noise reduction materials are used on key feet and action component relacement, neck cork replacement, regulation.  Intonation assessment on request. Two year playing condition warranty on all our work.

Restoration Services


Includes:  All the standard overhaul procedures. In addition, recutting of engraving, surface preparation for plating (masking of bright areas, glass bead blasting and buffing), degreasing, silver/gold plating, key fitting.  Custom intonation work and custom key work may require additon of key parts before plating.

Many custom options are available and are best explained by calling Mark Aronson for details after requesting our pricelist and restoration check list.

Intonation Work/Neck Retapering


Includes: intonation evaluation, regulation of key heights for optimization of intonation, adjustment of fundamental pitches, resonance tuning of octaves, addition of tone hole liners, c-bar installation (necessary on some instruments), addition of body/neck liners, tone hole work (necessary on some instruments), custom necks (special order), custom designed octave vents, tone hole modification and replacement.    Please request a price list for details or call us.  


Custom Key Work


We can upgrade your saxophone to provide a fully modern key action or improve the existing action by adding custom improvements such as: alternate front "f" key, articulated g#, adjustment screws on stack keys, adjustable f#/bis linkage bar, c-bar installation for upper c key (allows upper register c# tuning), conversion of high e-flat soprano to high "f" (adds high e, f keys (installs three new tone holes and modern keys), right hand side keys (installs modern side b-flat, side c and high e keys), conversions of Buescher True Tone pinkie stack to Aristocrat style keys, conversions of low b-flat bari sax to low "a" (addition of new bell and keys),  many other alterations are available.

Engraving and Recutting


We provide recutting service for existing engraving patterns on your instrument.  This is commonly performed during the normal restoration process.

Custom engraving can be added to any saxophone. We are proud to work with Sherry Huntley at Artistic Engraving to provide the best authentic vintage engraving additions to your instrument.  Please call us for pricing and details.

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