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sax repair
SaxPro™ Custom Necks
We make alto, tenor and baritone sax necks and do repair and alterations (retapering, liner installation and custom octave vents).  If your neck is damaged we are the place to go for restoration of the neck.  Please click on the link below to get more information on our custom necks or to order:


SaxPro™ Pads 
Mark Aronson is an innovator in pad design and production.  He was one of the first technicians to import kangaroo leather for pad production in the US.  He is one of the few technicians to design and produce his own pads on site.  This is done with his own precision made cutting dies.  The materials are the best available and many of these are produced to his specifications for production including the best saxophone leathers (specially produced pneumatic, waterproof, heat set hairsheep leather), special firm wool felt and artboard backing material.  Exceptional flatness is achieved by using materials with the highest quality control standards.  These are not production line/ industrially produced pads.   Every pad is handmade and accurately sized.  Careful pad sizing is done to avoid errors in fit and insure a professional job (techs love these pads).   Pads are available in two thicknesses (0.160" and 0.175").  We produce a special pad just for Selmer saxes with correct sizing and thickness. Pads can be fitted with any resonator. 



sax repair
sax repair
Vintage Saxophones for Sale
Please check out our inventory of recently restored saxophones.



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