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SaxPro™ Necks and Neck Services


I started making necks in 1980.  There were no suitable replacements available for many vintage saxes.  Shortly after that,  I developed two necks for alto saxes based on the Buescher New Aristocrat neck design.  The #1 neck was designed to improve intonation on the Buescher True Tone alto. This has been a popular neck for players using True Tones but also other saxes that have a very sharp short tube intonation profile.  


The #3 neck is my most popular design using a larger end bore while still retaining the original neck design characteristics.  This is a very balanced neck producing a very dark, even,  tone quality across registers, good intonation, and incredible response.  Both neck designs incorporate acoustical features that improve the tone quality and intonation: improved upper octave vent placement (avoiding the turbulent hiss found in many necks on second register "a" due to placement of the vent at a flow antinode) and a redesigned octave vent that reduces the octave stretch so common on many instruments. This neck is popular with classical players using Buescher instruments but also can be used on any modern saxophone.  Jazz players have discovered this neck's tremendous flexibility and warm tone quality.  I make a special large bore taper for Jazz saxophonists using modern mouthpieces.


I make replacement necks for all saxophones...from soprano to bass.   I often design custom tapers to specifically match the acoustic characteristics of the players chosen mouthpiece.  This allows a custom fit to the instrument.  Acoustically, the neck is the most critical part of the saxophone, having a greater influence on the intonation and tone quality than any other part of the instrument.  This is why so many great players use custom necks on their instruments.  I am always happy to design a neck to meet your particular concerns and needs.  Please use the "Inquiry" buttons to contact me directly with your questions or call me at (563)579-8512 for a personal consultation.

SaxPro™ Necks

We make necks for all types and brands of saxophones.  Our standard taper necks are based on the Adophe Sax style necks produced on Buescher instruments and are available for alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophones.  These necks can generally be used (alto, tenor) on all modern saxophones with exceptional results.  Many players find these necks to be superior to the original proprietary neck on their instrument.


We can produce these necks with our standard fittings (octave key and neck tenon) or use proprietary fittings for your instrument brand when available.


Our most popular alto neck is the #3 taper.  If you have short tube sharpness in the upper register the #1 taper is often a good choice.  In addition, we do complete intonation evaluation to insure a perfect fit  to your instrument.  




sax repair
sax repair
SaxPro™ Custom Necks


Most saxophones can benefit from a custom made neck.  Why? It is not uncommon that the original neck with your instrument is not matched well to the acoustics of your instrument.  Ask yourself these questions:  do your octaves align well across registers on your instrument?  Do you experience extreme sharpness in the upper register or undo flatness?  Is your tone quality uneven across registers? Do you want to use a favorite mouthpiece that doesn't tune well on your instrument?  If the answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, you should consider having a custom neck built specifically for your instrument and playing needs.

Call Mark at (563)579-8512 for a free consultation.

sax repair
SaxPro™ Neck Services


Many saxophone necks are generally well matched to their prospective instrument.  However, many of them can be improved by alterations that can improve the intonation, and response of the neck.  Some of these techniques include: neck liners, retapering, new octave vents, changing octave vent placement, dent removal and even refinishing.


Mark Aronson has over 30 years of experience in making and altering necks.  Arguably, he is one of the most knowledgable techs in the world about neck design and intonation on your instrument.  Please call (563)579-8512  for a free consultation if you have any questions about your particular instrument and the issues there may be with your neck.  



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