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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.

sax repair

Our goal at  Aronson Saxophones is to provide state of the art services for you:  overhauls, restorations, intonation work, custom necks, custom key work and professional SaxPro™  products.  

Our philosophy and techniques for restoration have been called "visionary" and "pioneering" for good reason.  For the past 30 years we have been guided by the principles of Adolphe Sax. Our ethic is to preserve and improve the unique  tone quality, acoustic  response, mechanical integrity and cosmetics of your instrument. 


Please explore our custom sax repair solutions and services. 



Would you like to restore your favorite sax? Do you need to improve the intonation on your instrument?  Would you like a custom neck fitted to your saxophone?  We specialize in making your instrument the best it can be. 



We offer our own line of custom professional products designed to allow your playing to shine including:  the world's best handmade saxophone pads, mouthpieces, swabs and neckstraps.  Products designed to meet the highest  professional standards using scientific principles and the best available materials and workmanship.

Intonation Specialist


Mark Aronson is known for his remarkable work in the field of saxophone intonation. He was one of the first technicians to apply modern music acoustical principles to the analysis and repair of  intonation deficiences on all saxophones.  If you have any acoustic problems with your sax....from intonation to response....we can handle it.  Let an expert with over 30 years of professional experience improve your instrument.


                from clients and SOTW contributors:

“Mark Aronson may be the greatest living saxophone technician, remarkable work!"


"I consider Mark Aronson to be one of the pioneers of saxophone tuning"


"Sent it to Mark and for a very reasonable fee he re-bent the neck, over 1 1/2 inches , you cannot even tell it was ever worked on. I'm sold on his work. Plus, he is a fine person to work with."


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